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  1. Jimmer

    Africa is starting to have second thoughts about Chinese money

    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-07-22/chinese-credit-fuels-debt-crisis-in-africa? Zambia got pillaged, basically defaulted. Many other coutnries will as well. Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania are all scared :mjlol:
  2. Odkac WRLD

    300 IQ soo gal

    Select and defend your choice. This is going to a place of intelligent debate, no hurling of insults and screeching. Capische? Now, there is only one good answer here. This is a continuation of my remarks on @Ghengis Kaarhis thread earlier today. Choose very wisely.:kodaksmiley:
  3. Odkac WRLD

    Dude destroys exGF GWagon out of anger

    kkk dude busts her GWagon for cheating on him. Rageedi. :westbrookswag: What’s the angriest you’ve made someone of the opposite gender, and why? Tell some stories.
  4. bakar_finesse6

    Is the somali community stubborn?

    From what I've seen the somali community doesn't really go on to help each other like the way others do in different worlds like the asian community, They put money into theirs and put it out and bring it back in. If you're in gang that would not be a good way to help out.. that just makes them...
  5. N

    Aw Xirsi the Dabodhilif Condom for Bigfoots Bumlicks Federal Leaders

    This nigga is a condom for the kikuyu amhara bastards he should be shot for being a condom for Blackie what a bastard. He should have been shot in Garbaharey. Now he's singing for masters what a bilaa dhiig bilaa damiir nigga He is Reer Diini / Reer Ugaas Sharmaarke @TekNiKo @Shaolin23 @Sheikh...