1. Grigori Rasputin

    The half Ciidagale/half Kenyan girl has been reunited with her maternal family

    Sadly her mom been dead for a while AUN Hilarious interaction between her grandfather ( maternal) when he was told that doesn't speak Somali old head laughed:chrisfreshhah::chrisfreshhah: Then he spat out serious Swahili :trumpsmirk::banderas: It has been also revealed that her brothers...
  2. Waxwaalan

    Geeljire music from 70's-80's earns a nomination for a Grammy Award

    Yes, you read it right. Two ajnabis went to hargeysa, djibouti, and moqdishu to revive old tapes of geeljire music. Some 10,000 tapes were hidden under the ground by radio broadcasters & journalists in hargeysa during the late 80's as the city was getting bombed heavily. This was one of the...
  3. Waxwaalan

    Dhulbahantking u on here?

    If ur on here, come forward :hahaidiot: :kanyehmm: :ohdamn: