1. Marshall D Abdi

    Breaking News: Dutch Riot/Looting

    So basically some ciyaalsuuqs burned down covid center, starting the wave of Minnesota version 2 which esclated full riot attacking police officers they been taking some notes from murikkkans huh :hemad:
  2. TheMadMullah

    The Moryaans of US caught on cam looting like their counterparts in Xamar after Hurricane Harvey

    After the devastating hurricane harvey while the cadaans were busy rescuing people from the flooding to safer areas the kneegrows were on rampage looting. it seems looting is within their genetics that everytime an opportunity comes across the looters from the states act like their cousins in...
  3. Prince Abubu

    Illegal Fishing destroying Somalia's reserves

    Somali fishermen complain about illegal vessels Link: http://www.aljazeera.com/video/news/2017/05/somali-fishermen-complain-illegal-vessels-170525183533330.html This is what we should be worried about, not crying over dhegcas that are polluting and stealing our resources. Of course, the...