1. Calaami

    #1 HBO show Succession ridicules HAG dowlad

    Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s kleptocracy is being used for comedic effect in HBO’s Emmy award winning serious Succession.
  2. Calaami

    Somali Apple Store thief jumps two floors in his escape

    Bro what :dead: Before the “he’s not Somali” brigade comes… Thoughts
  3. H

    Naomi Campbell’s daughter

    :francis: “Somalians are self haters AnTi BlAcK” though
  4. H

    Subtle racism in "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs"

    Seems like an innocent kids movie, right? I can't believe I never noticed this before Why does the characterisation of the monkey seem so familiar? Who are they trying to depict? :mjlol:
  5. K

    Arab in the hood gets Madow girl pregnant

  6. alien


    The brits bred a dog that has no anus and can't poop and has no legs. It looks so ugly
  7. B

    TRENDING NEWS Black girl makes heartbreak song about abdi

    :russ::russ::russ: she got played.
  8. Rooble44

    Abdulrahman Abdi Shakur asking for Donations

    Who's gonna be the first to donate on here? :mjlol:
  9. Waaqo of Punt

    I'm DEADDD listen to this

    They're all the same
  10. D

    "World map countries according to Subscribers" video

    If you can see what I'm seeing then it's all good. You might find it funny:ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa: Check at 0:17 secs..kkk
  11. Karim

    IGAD Mandates Somalia and Djibouti to deploy troops to S. Sudan

    Regional bloc IGAD has mandated Somalia and Djibouti to deploy troops to South Sudan to safeguard security and the implementation of the peace agreement. The Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (Igad), in a statement to the media on Monday afternoon, said Somalia and Djibouti have been...
  12. Yuna09

    Somali teens are retarded

    Need I say more :lolbron::damn:
  13. McLovin

    Black Guy Goes In On Muslamics

  14. M

    The Official LOL thread for videos, Memes, Black Twitter & funny vines.

    Why don't we have a thread like this already?:ohhh: where people post funny shit they find on the Internet ?? I'll get this started with some classic black twitter. :dead: :deadosama: