1. T

    Lack of Somali male role models in high paying professional careers in the UK

    Whats up my brothers and sisters, I hope you're all good. I am a 20 year old Law student at Uni. I'm just posting this out of curiosity and a bit of frustration. I know the Somali diaspora is (general speaking) young. By that I mean we're just getting settled in western countries and a large...
  2. Ahmed Alawi

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says Ethiopians are the lowest human form

    In this glorious and deservedly famous hadith, Muhammad achieves two goals: He highlights Ethiopians as the lowest human form to serve as a powerful contrast to a leadership archetype He assigns an offensive physical stereotype to Ethiopians, comparing them to dark, wrinkled fruit This is...
  3. Jodeci

    Why Are Some Somalis Jealous Of Djiboutians?

    This question has plagued me for years and I couldn't understand it until recently :farmajoyaab: Here's what I came up with Most Somalis don't know anything about Djibouti They are Jealous at Djibouti's development and safety They want to be Djiboutian They are ashamed of where they come from...
  4. S

    How will you contribute to rebuilding Somalia?

    New winds are blowing but one man can't do it, so how do we plan to rebuild the country? What do you think you can contribute with and how far in the future do you see yourself in Somalia?