1. Manafesto

    For 30 years a group of 50 Somaliland women were standing in line on a road in Hargeisa almost everyday hoping for manual labour jobs

    Wow, this is really sad, no one would hire these women who are seeking to find any type of work or manual labor such as house maids and etc, this reminds me of illegal Mexicans standing on the corners of America for 2$ labor work.:jcoleno: No wonder why most Somalilanders risk their lives and...
  2. Helios

    UK Labour elects a new leader

    What's up with this guy is he good?
  3. CaliTedesse

    I don't plan on becoming an 3abeed

    When I am done with my bachelor structural engineering I will not pursue a master maybe I will but in management area. I will not work like an 3abeed for rest of my life for a company. Education is f*cking retarded. I just see it as plan B. Like an insurance. Working 9 to 5 doing manual labor...
  4. M

    LIVE: UK Parliament debating Syria bombing vote