1. Adaawe

    Abwaan Abdulqadir "Yam Yam" iconic poem "Somali baan ahay (I am Somali) #SomaliaAt60

    One of the greatest poets and playwrights in Somali history, Abwaan Yam Yam's words ring true to this day when some many try to erase the very core of Somalinimo due to daily politics and identity crisis. I am proud to be Somali and nothing else! :wow: These are the words to the classic song...
  2. Adaawe

    Mohamed Awale Liban, the man who designed the Somali flag talks the raisng of it at Hargeisa! #SomaliaAt60

    The greatest thing a Puntite ever invented. And yes I mean this wholeheartedly with no bias or political agenda :wow: THREAD: