1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    What Are "Two" Things That You Are Good At?

    I'm a good writer (I journal) and am good with the Arts (Drawing/Graphic Design)
  2. Milano Ahmed

    African writer claps back to racist question by a French journalist

    “Do they read books in Nigeria” :dead: It’s not even subtle racism. You can tell how low she thinks of Nigerians and Africans in general by her question she probably thinks Africans are still primitive :mjlol:
  3. DRACO

    Disgraced journalist Cabdimalik Coldoon to be prosecuted .

    Coldoon was running a Breitbart News-like agency, spewing out propaganda / inciting violence against Somaliland and small organisations like Abaarso school. Coldoon Charged with Serious Crimes: Libel & Defamation against Abaarso College + Incitement of Violence Against Somaliland Govt. والفتنة...
  4. wars

    I’m doing a Somalispot session. Now you can ask me anything for one whole week.

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know what a Somalispot session, was until someone asked me to do one and since I’m free for a week, i thought why not. I will dedicate my life’s work and knowledge to help better our community. And I will gladly answer your questions as sincerely and honestly as I...
  5. O

    Journalist arrested in Garowe, Puntland
  6. O

    Decent, unbiased article about the media in Somaliland

    In mid-March, at a press conference at Hargeisa’s shiny new airport, a cocky young journalist gathered up his courage and asked Somaliland’s President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo a difficult question. Is it true, he asked, that the president was a dictator? Silanyo responded perfectly: ‘If this were a...