1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    As A Jew Of Color, I Have A Great Respect For Islam

    This thread will not be political. Judaism and Islam both believe in one Monotheistic G-d that is without partners. Jews and Muslims BOTH can pray in a synagogue or masjid. I at one point considered following Islam in 2015 and own a Quran. However Judaism called me because I felt more in...
  2. Zoobear

    Orthodox Jewish Assassin Kills a Gang Member in Broad Day!

    My sources have confirmed that the killer was a member of the" Kosher Nostra".
  3. Reformed J

    Black fishing in Academia: Two Rachel Dolezal acolytes have been exposed in less than a couple weeks "I cancel myself" kulaha :mjlol: One professor was a Jewish woman and the other woman was a...
  4. M

    What is this thing Oromo priests have on their foreheads?

    If there's any Oromo members on here, what is this thing that your priests have on their foreheads? It reminds me of the blocks Jews wear on the forehead.
  5. Ahmed Alawi

    Israeli says the real Jews are the African Americans