1. M

    What is this thing Oromo priests have on their foreheads?

    If there's any Oromo members on here, what is this thing that your priests have on their foreheads? It reminds me of the blocks Jews wear on the forehead.
  2. SLMan990

    Woke black man takes "jew cracka" to task on nyc subway

    There is a lesson to be learned here: the Jew’s power lies in getting others to fight for him. All the time, he is threatening the black with lawyers, social media attention and cops. He never once says that he himself i will fight the black and let god decide who is right. And then, when that...
  3. Ahmed Alawi

    Muhammad ﷺ proudly revives Allah's command to stone adulterers. Orders man stoned to death.

    In this glorious hadith, Muhammad ensures that humanity goes backwards by reviving a stoning punishment for adultery. Even though Muhammad says he is closest of anyone to Jesus (Muslim 2365), Muhammad obviously rejects “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Rather, Muhammad...
  4. McLovin

    Camels in Sweden

    Is difaaca from this Jewish hag :mjkkk: