1. Odkac WRLD

    Two lined jingle to defend yourself against madows

    I’ve noticed madows worldwide love attacking us Somalis verbally. I’m not Certain what we did to garner their hatred, but a lot of them just dislike Somali men (especially UK apparently) I shall provide you with two lines that will end the career of any madow who makes fun of your forehead or...
  2. AarHawd_7

    Scarcity studios explains the Leyton Somali vs madow beef. Higham Hill versus Mali Boys

    East London aka the 3rd world
  3. AarHawd_7

    Stabbed Somali boy in Camden named: Assad “Nutty” Yarrow

    Camden stabbing: Victim, 25, was killed by machete-wielding attackers to ‘score points’, says girlfriend The 25-year-old, named locally as Assad, was knifed to death in Camden High Street at 11.10pm on Thursday, the third murder victim in the borough of Camden in five days. Two more young...
  4. AarHawd_7

    Congolose dead ting, gets grilled after coming for Somalis.

    She tried to mock us coming for people starving back home, mind that 234 people liked this disgusting tweet. A Xaaliimo (may god be with her strikes back) Wallaahi Somali twitter is dangerous:liberaltears: w
  5. Nin waalan

    Bal waxaan eega

    smh Somalis have really hit rock bottom I never thought I’d see the day ugly madow kikuyu stroll around Somali city making Somalis envy each other this much and doing so while mocking their fallen brothers.
  6. Cazzo

    Two Different Kinds of Stupid

    Western vs. African parliament. Choose your fighter.
  7. AarHawd_7

    Canadian Xaliimo manhandles Jamaican girl

    Watch till the end she even bottles her despite being so small. Big up Xaliimo.
  8. AarHawd_7

    Crazy madow guy claims Prophet Muhammed swt was black!!!!

    17:20 These bloody blacks:mjlol::mjlol::mjlol:
  9. Nilotufian

    Loooooool look at this hater

    Imagine taking time out to record and upload this:susp::mahubowtf: yaab
  10. AarHawd_7

    Xaliimos IG behaviour

    What is the point of posting a IG pic of you wearing a hijaab (you never wear one) saying "ramadan mubarak". While you was clubbing with Tyrone the other day? :ayaanswag::ayaanswag:
  11. chosen one

    can you guys stop talking about madows?

    Wallahi its EVERYWHERE on the forum its annoying and obsessive as hell. Wallahi I never used to think about them before I joined this forum and im from the UK where we apparently get bullied. Nobody cares about somalis IRL we are small in number and very quiet except online damn. This obsession...
  12. A

    Do Somali women prefer non Somali men?

    I am seeing a wave of Somali women who seem to prefer cadaan or even madow men to Somalis, just recently I read a story of Idris Elba's (madow celebrity) new girlfriend a Somali model. Maya Jama is also with a madow celebrity and Somali Iman (model) even had a kid without before she married a...
  13. S

    China plans to invest $30 billion in Haiti’s infrastructure (Silk road)

    China plans to invest $30 billion in Haiti’s infrastructure according to the Haitian Press Agency (AHP). This week the Mayor of Port-au-Prince, Youri Chevry, hosted the signing of an agreement between the Haitian company Bati Ayiti (Build Haiti), headed by former Senator Amos André, and the...
  14. Xooshdheere

    bantu twitter

    "I wonder what Bantu twitter is up to nowadays" (idk what I expected tbh)
  15. Xooshdheere

    Why are madows claiming every civilization on planet earth?

    Ancient Egypt Ancient Greek Hebrews Ancient Persia now they are saying they are not from Africa. :faysalwtf:
  16. Baraf

    What's your curl pattern

    Somali hair usually ranges between wavy to 4a hair type. 2a,2b,2c,3a,3b/c,4a,4c