1. Calaami

    How will TPEC approach border towns…

    Fellow Puntites please come in, As we know diwaangelinta for Sanaag and Nugaal are in full swing, and the next gobol that will be registered will be Mudug. Major cities in Mudug like Buursalax and Goldogob have large segments of their population that may work or live in Doollo - DDS for large...
  2. Yj97

    Question for xalimos & poll for faraaxs

    faraaxs do you think a lot of Somali girls are toxic, negative and aggressive? If you voted yes, lets know why Xalimos, why are a lot of you so toxic and aggressive? Don’t tell me it’s just bants because it really isn’t. It’s obsessive and toxic behaviour to put someone down constantly, and...
  3. K

    YouTube having issues

    What's going on guys?