1. IftiinOfLife

    Muslim Documentary completely forgets Somalis ACCEPTED Islam first in Africa

    Time stamped here, Somalis need to be more vocal about our Islamic history and our contributions to Africa., he also lied and said the Omanis controlled Somalia, he says this around 12:47, he also blames the slave trade on AFRICAN people :drakelaugh:, and says Africans were slaves to arabs...
  2. IftiinOfLife

    Why was every ISLAMIC CARTOON full of WHITE PEOPLE?

    Anyone notice this as a kid? That's why I never related to that shit, and would just watch secular cartoons. I'm glad that shit wasn't thrown down my neck in my household, I was only forced to watch that boring shit at another somalis house, or at wack dugsi. But I would cringe the entire time...
  3. WarsameXamse

    Being honest about islam's colonial history(THE ARAB WORLD)

    All nations progress when they are allowed to criticise their history. i like Nasser Dashti. Interesting conversation. twitter post FULL VIDEO ON YOUTUBE.
  4. SultanuuFicaan

    'THE ISLAMIC MOVEMENT IN SOMALIA': Abdurahman Moallim Abdullahi - detailed account, good read 315 pages. 'Author: Abdurahman M. Abdullahi Title: The Islamic Movement in Somalia: A Historical Evolution with a Case Study of Islah Movement (1950-2000) Department: Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University Degree sought: PhD in the...