1. S

    Tv show intro

    I usually skip intros except for these 3. What is your favorite intro? Stranger things. The crown. Mad men.
  2. Monisha Hershey

    Introduce yourselves Please ❤

    I would highly appreciate if everyone introduced themselves as I don't know any of you guys except for @jamal9 (you can still elaborate on your intro)..just a shortass intro won't hurt:ummhmsmiley: this goes for everyone Your- Age: Occupation: Future Job: Status: Location: Education...
  3. Nin xun

    The introduction thread

    Hey, I'm new here but really more of a long time lurker and I decided that I should start posting some and engage in the discussion being had. That is when I saw that there wasn't an introduction thread for new folks, so I decided to make one. Basically I'm a secular somali from Scandinavia...
  4. A

    Hiyah, am new here! <3

    Hiyaaaaa everyone! ^w^ My name is Amira and I'm from Australia. I found this forum randomly yesterday when I was bored. My likes range from Anime. Manga, Vocaloids, K-pop, K-drama, Gaming to Rock ^w^ Nice to meet you all and please take care of me! <3