1. Soconmayso Jirjirooni

    The T8rkish N3gro Biscuit

    Just to give a glimpse of certain thing going on to my fellow Somalis! ''Nationalism is learning to (politically) hate every foreigner'' - Chiechou A T8rkish company has changed the name of its so popular biscuit from Negro to Nero after a backlash from outside of T8rkey. I'm eating it now as...
  2. Aurelian

    Hey, here something interesting :D

    An old woman aged 73 years old was discovered to be carrying a mummified fetus in her womb for the past 35 years..
  3. Helios


    So I sat in my local Tim Hortons and interviewed an Odey for sspot. He hates Xalimos and Hawiyes but he tells us about his great parenting ability. Ladies it gets good for you past 1:47 dw SUBTITLES ON listen to all of it pls A smart Xalimo who listened to the end Ty Lostbox for tags lol
  4. SadioMane

    Do white people butcher your name?

    I always have to repeat my name ten times to white people. Then I have to spell out another 10x. I remember in school new teachers would be calling out the register and then fall silent on my name! I mean how hard is it to pronounce: Culusow Cabdiraxiim? Do white people mess up your names?
  5. Lily


    Hi everyone. I come across this site and it seems pretty cool. I just have lil question tho. Do newbies have to pass some sort of test in order to post?? Thaaaanks P)