1. H

    Future Somali supermodel

    The Somali girl is 5'10 and has a slender figure for modeling. the tigrinya chick is smoking hot.
  2. Jjero

    Some tea i found about former model Iman

    I saw this on Lipstick alley posted by a Somali user around 5 years ago Apparently her mother knew Iman and she got tea for us Its cold still good :mybusiness: Here's the link i found it from The tea: ok this man...
  3. madamelioness

    Imaan Boost Thread

    asalaamu 'alaykum, With Ramadan just around the corner again, this thread is to help us boost and strengthen our imaan. Post any lectures, quotes, uplifting stories or tips.
  4. Duchess

    Iman & Siham Hashi ( Faarrow) FINALLY release their EP

    It's out today. Their first single: