1. Noble

    HISTORY The Pathetic Sultanate of Ifat

    Note this is coming from a critical lense Firstly the Walashama Dynasty was installed by Emperor Amlak establishing Walshama Dynasty sounds this sounds like Ethiopian revisionisim 🤔 As we shall see the sultanate fluctuated from being a Vassal to being independent from the Emporers The most...
  2. Idrus

    Am I right here?

    I saw a comment under a YouTube video that said afars were the rulers of the adal and ifat sultanates and somalis didn't live there until the 16th century. Have a look at these screenshots and let me know more about the history around this time.
  3. Helios

    Embarrassing History of the Ifat

    In this text which relies on both Arab and Xabashi accounts we learn: - The Walashma were initially helped into power by Ethiopian Kings - Viewed as subordinates to Ethiopia by both contemporary Arab historians and the Xabashi themselves - Neighboring muslim states like Hadiyya and Dawaro...