1. Chunks

    How the UAE has control over the Gulf of Aden.

    After tensions rose between Somalia and the UAE over the problem below. UAE has begun having ties with Somaliland to hit Somalia's weak spot. This made Somalia furious because being friends with Somaliland means attacking the integrity of Somalia not acknowledging that Somaliland is a pawn...
  2. Chunks

    Somaliland and Somalia unity may happen.

  3. SomaliMVP

    Somaliland's DP world workers told by the UAE to get a real Somali passport in Garowe

    DP World workers in Somaliland who have to be trained abroad by the UAE are told to get a real passport in Garowe. The Somaliland passport will not be accepted by the UAE. A real shame. :ulyin::liberaltears:
  4. Boqor

    Funny: Reer waqooyi vs Reer Xamar Iftaar/Afur

  5. Boqor

    WOW!! Half Somalilander Half English Xalimoo

    I think judging by her hair her mother is from the same tribe as @The Cushitic One and @Geeljire sanbuur, I know many girls from that tribe who have that lovely curly hair and it smells so nice:ahh::banderas: Somali genes are so weak though only way I can tell she is a Xalimo is because of her...