1. Helios

    Kim Jong Un Appreciation Thread

    An undervalued man. A true statesman ready to crush American imperialism. Hero of the Korean people (Subtitles on). To any haters please listen to this classic below
  2. Helios

    Is Gay Ok?

    This Korean dude got kicked out after having a secret gender reassignment surgery in Thailand ofc In South Korea, being LGBT is often seen as a disability or a mental illness :ftw9nwa:
  3. S

    SSpot Waifu/Hubando

    :gaasdrink: So who on SSpot is your online wife or husband? Kind of like a work wife or husband. In that, you never really see them once you log out but you might have shared a moment or two or perhaps a whirlwind alliance. Alternatively, you could be the type to regularly have a tumultuous...