1. Odious Delirium

    Do women on here actually think men don't respect housewives?

    I just decided to type in "somali" on youtube to see if anything was up about somalia news wise. The first thing that popped up was this vid but I cannot be asked to watch it. I don't want to risk the potential second hand embarrassment I could potentially get so you guys can check it out...
  2. CanIDimo

    living standards Mn vs Uk somalis

    why do somali in the uk enjoy a better living standards than their American counterparts i came across a sad photo of somali in Minnesota, @Basra referred to this as winning :ileycry: talking about 'the interior is decorated and mashallah':tacky: damn it would be depressing to live in this...
  3. D

    There's nothing wrong with being a Housewife

    I don't understand why some feminists on this site make it sound so bad and call it oppression. When America was never intoxicated with feminism. The women in the 1950's were absolutely enjoying the lifestyle of being a housewife. Just look at the comment section. The western women who are...