1. Manafesto

    NEWS Opposition groups in Somaliland criticize SL President Muse Bihi for the raise of food/fuel prices in SL & allowing relative's companies have monopoly

    In the recent years Muse Bihi along with his HA clan businessmen and relatives have been waging an economic Jihad on rival clans, with Bihi on their side and at their disposable the world renowned corrupt company that has monopoly over importing fuel into Somaliand is burden and conflicts with...
  2. Prince Abubu

    GENETICS Somali genetic buffs come in

    https://tracingafricanroots.wordpress.com/east-africa/ So I may be wrong here, but I noticed that Somalis have the highest percentage of East African ancestry out of any ethnic group in the entire region - usually around ~90% or higher. Even higher than our supposed relatives the Oromo. Is...