1. Dooyo

    Somaliland Wadani Songs

    I've been home-sick for Hargeisa nowadays. Here's heeso wadani ah for my fellow Landers. Enjoy!
  2. Marshall D Abdi

    Voice got Talent

    So basically you record you’re voice by using this https://vocaroo.com/ wether its u singing or talking in ur second langauge aka (english scandi french) and so on so ppl will judge ur voive ny giving u 1-10 Talking second langauge= 3 point (singing 3+ points) Talking af soomali 5 points...
  3. Monisha Hershey

    Beautiful Song dedicated to us females ❤❤❤

    Take notes Faraxs... Qaali weeyan hablaheeno Somaliye dhaaba, mariin dhalaal xiga qaali waye luula:it0tdo8:
  4. GBTarmy

    heeso Xamar

    I like old classic reer xamar songs, new somali songs are very dull and boring so lets share some classics.