1. Cartman

    Appreciation Post || Most Successful Modern Somali Artists

    Hello guys, this is an appreciation post dedicated to the one and only, Baasto Tiimo Jileec iyo Shiisha, BTS :ohhhdamn::ohhhdamn::ohhhdamn: Here are some videos that will show you why these young Somali boys represent our culture and people so well, I'm so proud I could tear up any moment...
  2. S

    I got scammed and I feel depressed

    I am really sad guys. What should I do. I threw away the guarantee card and I ended up with something I did not buy First time getting scammed. I will kill myself tomorrow.
  3. government

    konfuur vs woqooyie (gone wrong)

    You could see the guy is from Hargeisa because he keeps on moving his hands walahi reer woqaooyi are the Italians of somalia:mjlol:
  4. Lily

    If I see someone handsome... I automatically assume he's single

    am I the only one who have such odd perception?... As if I cant imagine handsome guy to be unavailable 8)