halal gang

  1. ArchBishopofAtheism

    Who here drinks?

    I came across quite a few members who say they drink socially. What are your views on it? How often do you do it and what kind of drinks do you have?
  2. paramedic

    Do you only eat halal foods?

    I know there are people of the belief that if you say bismillah then it's okay to eat non halal foods. Just wondering. When food is all around you in the western countries that aren't halal, do you stick to your guns? Is it even a concern for you?
  3. Duchess

    Mo-g vs Drake drama continues

    He says he wasn't paid Then he posted a snippet of a song from vft6 which got removed by Instagram And now he's on Instagram being unnecessarily disrespectful I'm enjoying this ..:lolbron: