halaal money only no oil

  1. 486th President

    What would you do if you were Jeff Bezos for a day 🤑💵💰

    I would use 25% of his money to end world hunger 10% to Yemen give 5% to my family and then donate the rest to Somalia easy “W” fam we would be destined for greatness I would also sleep with any women I lay my eyes on help African American neighborhoods simple really what would y’all do though
  2. Cartman

    How to go about women not related to you|| Akh

    I have decided that I want to start a business so I can become filthy rich can help my fellow Muslim men in life :rejoice: You are never suppose to touch a woman not related to you, and it’s extremely hard I’m the diaspora so I decided to create a prototype of this new advanced mechanism that...