1. Soconmayso Jirjirooni

    Why not donate instead of going to Mecca?

    Is it really sensible to go to Mecca and spend money there making the Saudis profit more when your own people are dying of hunger?. Why not donate it and build a well, that would be more beneficial to all. Remember at the time of the prophet saw no one was doing business on Hajj but...
  2. 486th President

    NEWS You now need a vaccine to enter hajj

    You now need to have a vaccine to enter hajj? Not surprised at all they’ll eventually say you need one to go travel, school, or somewhere else. Thoughts on this?!?!?
  3. kickz

    reer Kpop have arrived in Makkah to make Hajj

    Prophet Ibrahim's call has been heard:wow: [[When Abraham completed the structure of the Ka’bah, Allah commanded him to call the people to Hajj. Abraham pleaded, “O Allah! How shall my voice reach all of those people?” Allah told him that his duty was only to give the call and it was up to...
  4. wars

    Insha’Allah! what’s your goal this Ramadan?