1. Odkac WRLD

    Guys this is Easily my favorite part of being Reer Mareykan

    I am able to defend my family, dignity, and honor. Wlhi as a man I love the second amendment I would hate if these bastards would take it from us.:idontlike: And leave us vulnerable to whoever is out there? I think not. Also don’t be stupid plz you got to be careful legally owning a weapon is...
  2. Medulla

    12 till 12

  3. Helios

    Anyone Interested in Guns?

    Personally I've never fired a gun in my life but i just find them interesting. I find tend watching hunting videos a lot on Youtube and my favourite gun is the double barrel shotgun. A double barrel shotgun in action
  4. Sheikh

    School shooting in Texas.

    Some mental cadaan kid got mad and took his father's shotgun and revolver and starting to kill students at his High School. These shootings are just messed up. Majority of school shootings is always some cadaan guy. Man are these cadaans are so depressed that they feel to kill people to make...
  5. DRACO

    CNN :Somalia disrespected on cnn

    kkkkk man said do we want to live in somalia,