1. Boogie

    This website is good if u want positive news
  2. S

    ArchBishopofAtheism appreciation thread

    @ArchBishopofAtheism has made a gradually increasing impact from militant atheist to his now more mellow theist criticsm. He helps together with the four other sane members here (@TSP and.... there ain't no more sane members after this one) in fighting the dark-forces of ignorance and...
  3. Jodeci

    Snitching will save the Somali community.

    If you look at all the social ills in our community, a lot of it is being fueled by people not revealing or keeping elements of negativity a secret. We all know some organizations who claim to "help" us but pocket all the funds, but nobody does anything. :gucciwhat:I believe if Somali people...