golden age

  1. Xooshdheere

    Somalia's Golden age of Music

    In this explainer video, learn what political, social, and cultural forces forged Somalia's golden age of music, what caused its demise, and why a new golden age is happening right now. 1887-1960 = 73 years with resistance, not centuries of colonialism. Language, culture, religion and gene...
  2. SultanuuFicaan

    Egyptian Eunuch (Ibn Burhan al Misri) who served the Sultan of Mogadishu in 1331

    From [Zeila]1 we sailed fifteen nights and arrived at Mogadishu, which is a very large town. The people have very many camels, and slaughter many hundreds every day. They have also many sheep. The merchants are wealthy, and manufacture a material which takes its name from the town and which is...