1. S

    Every single muslim is committing blasphemy against God

    The Ummah should all be tried for blasphemy for their sacrilegious beliefs against the most powerful, most just and most merciful. The belief that an omnipotent God needed a third attempt to preserve his eternal message and that the message could be so devoid of his eternal wisdom that it...
  2. tesfey67n

    Atheism is bullshit, change my mind

    any atheists on here want to debate? Seems like not many atheists stepped forward and challenged my info, dont hide behind your screens. I had a discussion with @Kafir but even he was avoiding some topics, But still, I will give him respect for speaking out. we will speak about the concept of...

    God And Where Will It Lead In The Future?

    I always wondered what people 1000 years from today will believe in, Imagine someone sitting in the world 1000 years from today and how their view of god will be shaped. Do you think they will refer back to us or look at us as backwards? will they look back and say we were victims of our time...
  4. Hades

    Name a more iconic duo

    Youtube & exam season :tacky:
  5. cantspeak

    Labour's attempt at engaging the black community

  6. I've spoken

    Atheists Have No Morals