1. Manafesto

    Outrage by Puntites in Germany over Puntland August 1 celebrations for using the occasion & the flag to raise funds for the drought

    Not sure what the big deal is here? I mean if they are using Puntland flag to raise funds for the drought and every penny is accounted for, I don't see why these two are against this?:kanyehmm:
  2. The Somali Caesar

    Nuns aren’t so innocent after all

    German nuns sold orphaned children to sexual predators :snoop:
  3. Helios

    Soviet Musik

    Since we all know that I'm a closet '-------' its time to appreciate the other opposite side of the political spectrum. The USSR could barely put good meals on the table but their music made up for the lost calories. May Putin smile down on me and help me in these dark times @Knowles :cool:. My...
  4. Aden Ciisman

    I’m embarrassed for the Somalis here in Germany

    wallahi, I don’t have words..
  5. The alchemist

    Germany Hints US No Longer an Ally Under Trump

  6. L

    Hitler Was a British Agent by Greg Hallett

    Hitler Was a British Agent by Greg Hallett
  7. Zach


    Everbody from Germany please comment
  8. Zach

    His Grandfather was a Nazi

    So I’ve seen this guy comment on a video that his Grandfather was German and his grandmother was half Somali half German and live in Nazi Germany. So what the f*ck?
  9. MariaMaria

    Has anyone here been to Berlin before??

    Going on a short trip to Berlin tomorrow. It's kinda spontaneous therefore I didn't do much research yet. :bell: Anyone know about any interesting places to visit, eat and relax ?? :cosbyhmm:
  10. K

    German media says 90% of India is dirty.

    A lot of Indians are angry about this. :mjlol:
  11. S

    A victory for globalistas Angela Merkel is projected to win her fourth consecutive federal election

    Another L for @AbdiJew and @XamarCade as globalist wins once more in Europe! Mama Merkel is slaying her competition :cool: Source:
  12. S

    When the guy asks for a second date while the first isn't even done yet

    Here we see the leader of the free world meeting Trump:pachah1: And my first date went bad :mjlol: