1. HuunoHunter

    Let's Play A Game. Part 1

    List three facts about yourself, only one fact is true the rest is false. Let me start walaloyaal. @Reiko @Shamis @AbdiJew @Waxwaalan @Bidaar Wanagsan @El padrone @Siddhartha @Lola_Vonroe
  2. Xooshdheere

    Steam Players come in

    what games do you have i got rainbowsix, half life (waiting for half life 3), portal, some free games like call of war, and my favorite garry's mod
  3. S

    Post your current video games collection

    Post your current Videogames collection. Don't post lost games or discs that stopped working My current collection Bioshock Dark souls 2 GTA V Prototype 2 Total War : Napoleon Mafia II Dragonball Xenoverse Split Second Far Cry 3 Half life 2 Paladins PES 2013 Hitman 3 : Contracts GTA SA I play...