1. Odious Delirium

    (Gamers) What upcoming titles are you looking forward to in the future?

    Haven't played a game in a long time I'm thinking of getting back to it soon What games are you guys looking foward to playing or are on your to do lists? What are you guys currently playing? (Genre doesn't matter)
  2. HuunoHunter

    Let's Play A Game. Part 1

    List three facts about yourself, only one fact is true the rest is false. Let me start walaloyaal. @Reiko @Shamis @AbdiJew @Waxwaalan @Bidaar Wanagsan @El padrone @Siddhartha @Lola_Vonroe
  3. Xooshdheere

    Steam Players come in

    what games do you have i got rainbowsix, half life (waiting for half life 3), portal, some free games like call of war, and my favorite garry's mod
  4. S

    Post your current video games collection

    Post your current Videogames collection. Don't post lost games or discs that stopped working My current collection Bioshock Dark souls 2 GTA V Prototype 2 Total War : Napoleon Mafia II Dragonball Xenoverse Split Second Far Cry 3 Half life 2 Paladins PES 2013 Hitman 3 : Contracts GTA SA I play...