1. Kezira

    Nice new school built in Gobka, Gabiley

    By the Bahabar Cabdalla community
  2. Kezira

    Awdal elders: We will not take part in Jeegaanland (Somaliland) election

    War Deg Deg ah Salaadiinta Gobolada Awdal Iyo Salal Ayaa U Quusgooyey Madaxtooyada S/land "Madaxtooyada S/land Ayeyna Doorasho Awdal iyo Salal Ka Dhacda Ku Xisaabtamin"
  3. DRACO

    Mass celebrations break out in Gabiley

    Too turnt up :z1banet:
  4. Bohol

    Ethiopia: No justice for 17 Gabiley civilians slaughtered in Harshin town

    HARSHIN (Somalilandsun) – The Hargeisa group hospital is flooded with injured people from the Ethiopian town of Harshin. According to hospital sources, some of the patients brought in the morning are suffering serious bullet wound injuries. The injuries occurred after the Liyuu police run amok...
  5. Bohol

    Nimco Ali hails from Gabiley

    Thanks to @oday1kenobi for the exposure. :lolbron: Now compare this Nimco chick that talks about her vagina 24hrs to the classy West Burco girls who made it. Not only are they prettier than those creatures from Gabiley they are also classier and smarter. God bless West Burco...