1. Recon Expert

    The Somali atheist activists who get death threats. There's been an increase of Somali gaals on Facebook challenging the existence of Allah and Islam. You will find them on their own group TSFP inviting other Somalis to debate them or in the comment sections of Sh Umal and Sh Shibli ridiculing their...
  2. Umm-al-Dhegdheeriyaa

    No Longer Somali

    To me, the minute you leave Islam you’re no longer Somali. The Somali gaalo, which by the way we only see online, are no longer Somali in my eyes. Islam is deeply rooted in our veins, and we were Muslims for a long long time. I can’t imagine having the privilege to believe in Allah and the...
  3. Cazzo

    Muslim Man Assaulted By Alt-right Liverpool

    I'm crying, guys :jcoleno::jcoleno:Y'all know this would be blowing up across the right-winged community if the roles were reversed. This week in Brietbart: MUSLIM MAN SEXUALLY ASSAULTS INNOCENT BRITISH WOMAN. Wallahi, gaals are literal :trash: P.S @Reer UK, is this how y'all legit talk...
  4. Cazzo

    Two Different Kinds of Stupid

    Western vs. African parliament. Choose your fighter.
  5. Inquisitive_

    Homosexual Party in Hargaisa

  6. Rooble

    I'm here to spread Christianity in Hargeisa