1. OffTheDome

    Emmanuel Macron says Russia and Turkey are fueling anti-French sentiment in Africa

    Is this guy retarded? You can tell Macron is a low IQ person :russ::heh...
  2. The Somali Caesar

    african man tries taking back ‘stolen’ artifacts from french museum

    France the country that prides themselves as a country of “democracy” and of “Freedom Of Speech” well just as long it’s not used against them. The irony is unreal :mjlol:
  3. Helios

    Teen Beheads French Teacher for Showing Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad in Class

    Interestingly it coincides with the 227th anniversary of French Queen Marie Antoinette having her head lopped off :icon e confused:
  4. GBTarmy

    Italian deputy PM calls on EU to sanction France for its 'continued colonization' of Africa

    The Italian deputy prime minister has blamed France for the European migrant crisis, accusing it of impoverishing African nations with "colonialist" policies. He promised to take the issue to the EU and other international bodies. Luigi Di Maio, leader of the anti-establishment Five Star...
  5. K

    Lindsay Lohan with a refugee family in France or Russia

    She was livestreaming this on Instagram. It was kinda weird how she was begging the kids to come with her. "I'll take you with me and you will see them tomorrow" kulaha. :gucciwhat:
  6. DRACO

    SL president Bihi holds talks with IGAD,France& Denmark.

    Somaliland: President Engages IGAD, Danish and French Envoys By Somaliland Sun - February 18, 2018 0 87 Somalilandsun – The President H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi has reiterated the country’s commitment of upholding and maintaining its peaceful stability and tranquility that in cherished. He made the...
  7. S

    Daddy Macron is looking fiiiine in his first portrait as President of the Fifth Republic of France

    This is what a man supposed to look like He could could integrate my economic area into his single market and do his free movement of "goods":mjhaps:
  8. S

    A globalist victory! Macron's party wins 355 seats when it only needs 289, Le Pen only wins 8.

    A party that didn't exist 14 months ago now control all relevant position in the French legislator. This majority allows Macron to make several changes and reforms. @AbdiJohnson and @XamarCade , Europe saw Trump and said no thanks. :pachah1:
  9. DrippinglyWet

    First round of Voting begins in the fiercely contested french presidential election.

    Fate of the European Union and the current world orders are hanging on this election, Le pen is a very close second with a very real chance of winning and considering what happend in the UK and US it will be impossible to know what will happen.
  10. S

    Y'all meet the new hot head of state who is going to get elect

    Interesting things are happening in the land of baguettes and weird smiling women... The three most likely candidates to become French President is Marien Le Pen, the racist, Fillon the corrupt one, and... Emmanuel macron the hot daddy who is dipping into his former MILF of a high school...