1. angelplan

    CUISINE How Yemeni fish became multicultural Djibouti's national dish

  2. W

    Sea animals in Somali

    Came across this list of marine life in Somali, names of different kindes of fish, sharks etc. The list starts at slide 24.
  3. A

    Bantu qowma luud eats raw fish in Mogadishu!

    :damn::damn::damn::damn: That walk though:holeup: Edit: he is dhagool and according to his dilac bilaash walk, he is qowma luud.
  4. Prince Abubu

    Is The 'Cushitic Fish Taboo' Responsible For Somalia's Poor Fishing Industry?

    Cushitic Fish Taboo :ohhh:
  5. Duchess

    UN agency deploys artificial fish habitats along Somali coast

    The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), working with the European Union has completed the deployment of 25 Fish-Aggregating Devices (FADs) " or "fish magnets" " along Somalia"s 3,300 km coastline, aiming to boost the nation"s small-scale artisanal fisheries and tackle food insecurity and...