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    DEVELOPING NEWS Somali Galmudug Fishermen are facing attacks from armed foreign trawlers Corrupt Farmaajo and FGS issued licenses to for just 1 Million Dollar

    Somali fishermen forced out of the sea by foreign boats off Mudug coast (ERGO) – Somali fishermen in coastal villages in Mudug’s Hobyo district are facing attacks from armed foreign trawlers, cutting their fishing nets and using live ammunition to drive them out of the sea. Said Yasin Elmi...
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    NEWS Somalia's social media influencers have provided life-saving food supplies to drought stricken regions

    Many Puntites and other Social media influencers have been fund raising money for Gedo, this particular region has been neglected by the IC and FGS, the state is most militarized region in Somalia and has Amison/KDF/ERDF/SNA, Alshabaab and Jubbaland forces fighting over its controll, please...
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    Why Farmajo's set the country back and why his relection will further drive Somalia to it's death bed?

    FARMAJO’S RE-ELECTION WILL FURTHER DRIVE SOMALIA TO THE DEATH BED By Abdirahman Dhuxul On 8th February 2017, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo was elected as 9th president of the federal republic of Somalia. Thousands of Somalis across the world from Somalia, Kenya’s NFD & Ethiopia’s Somali region...
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    Hirshabbelle residents call out the FGS and Awaare for their incompetence

    It looks like FGS paper states GL,Hirshabelle and SWS are all sidelined by FGS from all sort of development projects, the FGS hasn't built any viable projects nor donated any essential government tools to do their job properly such as ambulances,fire trucks and police vechicles. It was just...