1. Internet Nomad

    Fashion Tips

    Can anyone name this style? Do you think this type of style looks good.
  2. S

    Dolce & Gabbana Fashion show.

    I usually don't watch fashion shows but this one was so beautiful. The model at 33:43 is gorgeous. I love the dress at 35:38 and 41:30.
  3. R

    Giorgio Armani sparks controversy about women & fashion Some of the article: “I think it’s time for me to say what I think. Women keep getting raped by designers, by us,” Armani, 85, told reporters on the...
  4. Genesisx72

    Best haircut/styles for Somali guys?

    I was wondering what type of haircut should I get, and what type of hairstyle do you think looks good for a Farax? :hmm:
  5. Balqisa


    I'm thinking of switching my style up from the usual black abaya . Should I rock this style or do you guys have other fashion advice? Leave your suggestions
  6. DRACO

    Meet the 'new style in hargeisa' guys

    @sanger @SomaliWadaniSoldier