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  1. Manafesto

    Somali citizens demand from the current Somali president HSM to replace/charge 38 top government officials during Farmaajo's regime ASAP.

    This is the list of Farmaajo's main N&N supporters and the right hand of the brutal ousted FGS regime, these 38 men have directly or indirectly played an important role subduing N&N opposition of Somali citizens through out the last year. Some of them has committed and killed Innocent lives...
  2. Manafesto

    Why Farmajo's set the country back and why his relection will further drive Somalia to it's death bed?

    FARMAJO’S RE-ELECTION WILL FURTHER DRIVE SOMALIA TO THE DEATH BED By Abdirahman Dhuxul On 8th February 2017, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo was elected as 9th president of the federal republic of Somalia. Thousands of Somalis across the world from Somalia, Kenya’s NFD & Ethiopia’s Somali region...
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    Frances Haugen Revelations: The Role Social Media plays in escalating The Somali Conflict Explained(FB Extreme Baised against Puntland and SL)

    Frances Haugen, a former project manager at Facebook turned whistleblower at a recent testimony at the US Senate hearing talked about how Facebook and other platforms it owns contributes to escalating conflict around the world. To further understand what this means for Somalis we’ve contacted...
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    N&N bots going ape shit on Twitter and posting same message on Twitter

    After yesterday's protest and uprising in Mogadishu N&N bots felt the heat and started posting the same message with different accounts all over Twitter, they are now are calling Somalis to be ungrateful and dishonest people full of hate towards Farmaajo and his failed...