1. Kezira

    Jeegaan failed attempt at changing a community leader

    The Jeegaan Bucur Bucayr administration of Awali and Gus Jecel tried to coup d'etat the Suldaan of Jibril Yoonis, but failed. Yesterday they tried to install a dabadhilif named Suldaan Cabdi. They failed and Suldaan Wabar remains paramount Suldaan of Jibril Yoonis. The jeegaan administration...
  2. Jodeci

    Why being Pro Black is more benefical for Somalis then being Pro Arab

    I know some idiot Somalis are confused on this topic so hopefully we can discuss why being Pro Black is more beneficial. Facts Somalis make more money in another African countries then Arab ones Somalis also have more rights in other African countries then Arab Ones Somalis are abused less in...