failed state

  1. Waaqo of Punt

    17+ dead in Bombdisho today.

    It's not that surprising at this point but for real wtf is wrong with us wallahi. This is why I advocate for a seperate confederations and let SL split.
  2. DRACO

    Shocking! Amisom stormed into FGS parliament. .

    Amisom protectorate of *******a. :faysalwtf::farmajoyaab::mjlol::mjlol: @Lordilord @Buskud @waraabe @Local
  3. DRACO

    Somalia to loose Igad SG position over debt!

    Somalia Could Loose IGAD Position To Uganda Over Arrears By Webmaster on January 24, 2018 Non clearance of arrears by Somalia may see its candidate Abdisalam Omar Hadliye loose the top position in the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), Radio Dalsan has learnt. According to a...
  4. S

    Democracy in action! Three female journalists allegedly beaten by police in Hargeisa

    "Three female journalists were allegedly been beaten by police officers during a visit to a prison in the administrative capital of the breakaway Somaliland, Hargeisa Sunday." :susp: Any man who beats a...
  5. Duchess

    Why hasn't there been any genuine attempt at reconciliation in Somalia?

    January will mark the 25th year since the collapse of the Somali government but in that quarter of century there has not been a single attempt by any Somali 'government' of delivering justice for the victims of the brutality of the Barre regime, the civil war and subsequent acts of violence. How...