ethiopia and somalia

  1. 486th President

    TRIGGER WARNING Somali VS Ethiopians explained?

    Can someone explain the hate? From my experience they’ve been quite chill I’ve played ball with a lot of them as well... Is it just history? I understand on hating the Ethiopian military or government, but the people in Ethiopia and the Diaspora aren’t that bad Is it all propaganda? E X P L A...
  2. Marshall D Abdi

    We need to unite with ethiopia ASAP

    Somalis are corrupted with tribalism. You'll hear it's Daroods fault, no no it's those damn Isaaqs no it's fucking Hawiye for ruining our country and blah! The only solution for us to unite with the Habesha people and form a single Cushitic/Semetic country and build an empire together. From now...
  3. CaliTedesse

    After 20 years Somalia should

    Form an union with Ethiopia. It's is of importance to form a union thanks to globalization. Somalia rep is ruined I guarantee you after 20 years our rep will somehow stay the same. That's why I propose for the fact that Somalia should unite with Ethiopia. This would make it seem like Somalia...