ethiopia and somalia

  1. Hamzarashid

    Ethiopia wants to take over over Djibouti by aiding afar militia

    Is this video hyperbole or something we should take serious I'm pessimistic person so it's going be difficult to sway my judgment but go ahead
  2. Shk_ljh”630

    Oromo bops, viva la oromia

    Some Oromo songs that my dad (my clan and oromos have ties ig lol) used to play around the house. Beautiful music tbh As for the anti oromo agenda that’s spread on here, yall don’t understand the first thing about Oromo culture but it’s fine tho, down down Ethiopia, DOWN DOWN...
  3. Manafesto

    NEWS Shabbelle river farmers in Hirshabelle are severely effected by lack of water after the Ethiopian government dryed up the river

    Farmaajo and his Ethiopian puppet administration should be brought to justice for turning blind on Ethiopian drying up the Shabbelle river,the lifeline of many Somali farmers and communities in Hirshabelle region and it's surroundings. Nacaltulah Xarmaajo's short sighted actions and damages to...
  4. 486th President

    TRIGGER WARNING Somali VS Ethiopians explained?

    Can someone explain the hate? From my experience they’ve been quite chill I’ve played ball with a lot of them as well... Is it just history? I understand on hating the Ethiopian military or government, but the people in Ethiopia and the Diaspora aren’t that bad Is it all propaganda? E X P L A...
  5. Marshall D Abdi

    We need to unite with ethiopia ASAP

    Somalis are corrupted with tribalism. You'll hear it's Daroods fault, no no it's those damn Isaaqs no it's fucking Hawiye for ruining our country and blah! The only solution for us to unite with the Habesha people and form a single Cushitic/Semetic country and build an empire together. From now...
  6. CaliTedesse

    After 20 years Somalia should

    Form an union with Ethiopia. It's is of importance to form a union thanks to globalization. Somalia rep is ruined I guarantee you after 20 years our rep will somehow stay the same. That's why I propose for the fact that Somalia should unite with Ethiopia. This would make it seem like Somalia...