1. 486th President

    @basra has gone to the dark side audhubillah

    She’s gone to the dark side she’s even changed her profile picture which gives off chaotic energy our beloved @Basra is in her teenage years they grow up so fast she really said “It's better you are my distant friend, than enemy” bruh she’s turned emo I’m scared @Basra help 😰 We are truly in...
  2. Saintly

    Who remembers these videos?

    These really emo DBZ videos with angsty Linkin Park songs were by far the biggest thing on Youtube? I'm talking like the early to late 2000s. I specifically remember this one These weren't good videos, but they give me so much nostalgia man
  3. K

    Have you ever been cheated on?

    I've been cheated on once, and then I dumped her real quick. The next day she kept ringing my phone and leaving me messages crying, saying she made a mistake...but once a cheater, always a cheater in my mind.