1. Thegoodshepherd

    ANALYSIS Somalia's economy is fully dollarized, what are the implications?

    Somalia's economy is fully dollarized. The shilling is no longer really used to buy items that cost anything more than $10. Two papers helped me better understand what the implications of a fully dollarized economy may be. This is a general overview: Full Dollarization The Pros and Cons This...
  2. F

    How Capital accumulation affects the greater society, look how far behind we are

    The GDP(Gross domestic product) per capita is a rough measure of how wealthy is the general population. Is not that accurate, a super small or large population can skew the results. They do it by taking the GDP which is what the whole country produced for whole year and they divided it by the...
  3. The Somali Caesar

    This had me thinking

    Africa as a whole has a population of 1.3 billion and has a gdp of $2.6 trillion. With unlimited natural resources Oil,Gas,Gold,Diamond,Silver etc. While a country like Japan with a population of 123 million and has a GDP of $5 trillion. It has no significant natural resources.
  4. abdullah233

    A political system that could fix Somalia

    Federalism in Somalia has not worked out at all for the greater good of the nation in the way it's been used. Corrupt political figures have hindered the growth of Somalia for too long. Somalia has not profited from the largest coast-line in Africa or 1/3 of the world's uranium supply. The...
  5. Abdul Hadi Pasha


    Stage1 TAX tax the shit out of the poor and destroy any militancy against the government with force middle class lightly tax (during economic crisis or war raise tax) rich tax almost non existent (this will encourage capitalism) Tariffs raise tarrifs to 30% at highest don't go over because...
  6. S

    What would you do had 60k usd on your account?

    I'm thinking spend 60% and Dave the rest.
  7. Helios

    PHILOSOPHY Capitalism vs Socialism

    Free Market Capitalism vs State Socialism Personally I'm a fan of Free Markets
  8. R

    Modern Monetary Theory

    Is anyone familiar with MMT? It's sounds like communism on steroids imo. A lot of US politicians like AOC and Bernie are pushing for it. Still don't understand how inflation would be controlled but this seems like a perfect fit for Somalia's situation.
  9. The alchemist

    Economic Ecosystems

    I came across the nice metaphor on this abstract. "In this chapter the concept of ecosystems as applied to economic geography is reviewed. It is argued that economic systems taking the metaphor of the ecosystem more literally than has been done in the past may advance understanding of economic...
  10. The alchemist

    The Fall of the Economists’ Empire

    The goal of economics is to replace the particular languages that obstruct the discovery of general laws with the universal language of mathematics. This is the apotheosis of a Western conceit that can no longer be sustained by Western power. LONDON – The historian Norman Stone, who died in...
  11. Thegoodshepherd

    Most people are stupid

    "The Idiocy of the Average"
  12. DRACO

    Somaliland is djibouti's nightmare!

    Djibouti's president IOG this week cancelled Dp world doraleh port contract illegally because he got afraid of somaliland becoming serious completion and putting a end to djiboutis monolpoly. The UAE was refused military base in djibouti so it went to somaliland , same region for the fraction...
  13. Xooshdheere

    Somalia's GDP during Kacaan

    For anyone interested about the claim I made about Somalia's economy growing at 30% in 1975. Here is the link data. With the exception of 1974 due to the drought, Somalia under Said Barre was growing at a record...
  14. Xooshdheere

    Somali girl achieving AAA

  15. Prince Abubu

    Take Note

    This is what it looks like when a major economic partner invests in your port. Not the shitty chump-change thrown our way by dhegcas. Gwadar bright future for Pakistan and in 2020 will be the developed city Pakistan is the beginning of a new journey of development. The China Economic...
  16. S

    Somaliland's economy is becoming cheap.

    Somehow 10,000 SL is equivalent to 1 Dollar. 2 years ago 6,000 SL was 1 dollar. So right now everything got cheaper. Such a shit economic :lol;
  17. Madara x

    The Dervish Dream: What were Somalia's Final 3 Decolonization attempts, and why did they fail?

    Greetings Fellow Somali's, The answer to the question that I've mentioned in the thread-title, has been presented in section 14.0 of my Somali-History video-presentation series. This is the last section of the whole-series. :whoo: Please watch the section below, and give me some feed back on...
  18. Mrsuperhuman

    how you see somalia future economy?

    hello everybody! this is actually my first message one i ask how you see economic future of our country?
  19. Apollo

    Marxist economist: Richard D. Wolff

    Every month this professor gives a summary of the important economic events with his opinion on it. He's surprisingly entertaining and will turn you into a communist / radical leftist if you listen to his arguments. lol Link: