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    Falling in love against all odds - Couple from East & West Africa

    There's this reality show on CBC called, "Hello, Goodbye" it takes place at the airport and different families/couples are interviewed about their stories. In the clip below, the guy is from East Africa (I guessed Kenya/Rwanda but not sure ) and the young woman is from Ivory Coast. The guy's...
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    GENETICS My 23andMe DNA Results

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    I was just watching a documentary...

    ...on aljazeera about Eritrean refugees in Sinai. I swear it makes you question if these Arabs are even human. Imagine hearing your little sister getting raped and tortured. :mindblown: This what I mean when I say we should disassociate ourselves from these beasts.
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    GENETICS Somali genetic buffs come in

    https://tracingafricanroots.wordpress.com/east-africa/ So I may be wrong here, but I noticed that Somalis have the highest percentage of East African ancestry out of any ethnic group in the entire region - usually around ~90% or higher. Even higher than our supposed relatives the Oromo. Is...