dyeing hair

  1. E

    Dyeing your hair red is not Sunnah.

    First of all the Prophet SCW had only a few white/grey hairs so he didn’t need to dye his hair. He told his followers to do the opposite of Jews and dye their hair with henna. The color that it’s supposed to be dyed was never mentioned. There’s Black henna and red henna. The reason behind this...
  2. Ahmed Alawi

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) encourages us to dye our hair

    Our prophet is recorded dyeing his hair yellow khaluq(Nasai 5088), red henna (Bukhari 166) and red-black katam, which in combination with henna is his preferred hair dye (Ibn Majah 3622, 3623). Muhammad forbade pure black (presumably soot) and gave no recorded reason for this prohibition...