1. AarHawd_7

    Faaraxs would you every marry a Xaliimo whos a non virgin??

    Would you marry a girl who has had sexual intercourse before?? Niggaz that marry non virgin woman are pussies with no self respect to be honest
  2. A

    Mac Minded stories!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He told a story about a man in Seattle who found out after divorce I believe, that none of the four kids they shared were his. Apparently this happened about 10 years ago. I wonder if anyone knows anything about the story.
  3. DRACO

    Muse Bihi commutes anarchist criminal Nacima Qorane's prison sentence.

    President Bihi out of goodwill released anarchist and serial Diana abuser Nacima Qorane. May Allah guide her to sirat al-mustaqim ,ameen.
  4. chosen one

    Somali girl VS African American Tranny