1. Cumar

    FAKE NEWS Gay somali on Twitter claims that somalia has legalized same sex marriage

    We might actually be cursed.:bell: This is past the point of trolling and they are openly promoting degeneracy and f*ggotry now. Mocking our faith and culture is going too far. Nacala kugu yaal BLM SJW twitter Xalimos and SJW cucks. :pacspit:
  2. Yuna09

    Young Somalis need to stop appropriating Asian culture!!

    Everyone Somali youngin’ (excluding people 26+ of course, y’all are nearly dead dun nobody care about you) is into kpop and anime qashin, smh. Why do you want to be indho yar to badly???? You might as well change your name to Chun Li or Phuc Bich while you’re at it :hova: Kpop is rubbish. It’s...