1. JohnQ

    Djibouti ambassador defends discrimination towards Africans in China

    When that debt trap got your folks doing the niiko for China @Kingcobra
  2. CaliTedesse

    If Abdirahman Beyle succeeds with Somalia's debt relief

    He will become the most renown Somali finance minister ever. Wallahi billahi
  3. Cumar

    The Economist: "In Deep water, Djibouti risks dependence on Chinese largesse" "At the end of 2016 China owned 82% of Djibouti’s external debt. The Chinese ambassador to Djibouti has told...
  4. DRACO

    Somalia to loose Igad SG position over debt!

    Somalia Could Loose IGAD Position To Uganda Over Arrears By Webmaster on January 24, 2018 Non clearance of arrears by Somalia may see its candidate Abdisalam Omar Hadliye loose the top position in the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), Radio Dalsan has learnt. According to a...