cultural appropriation

  1. The Somali Caesar

    White girl feels latina

    White girl wants to be exotic so bad. I feel Latina on the inside kulaha :camby::mjlol:
  2. Kramer

    canjeero coodka shah combo

    The texture of the canjeero and the savoury mix of coodka and soonkor bursts through your taste buds classic breakfast :krs:
  3. Al-Burcaawi

    Cadaans are now appropriating the macawis as we speak

    These flat chested cadaan es and their feminine "male" sidekicks are, as we speak, appropriating the fucking MACAWIS and are turning it into "fashion":jcoleno: Look at the pricing of this shit and look at that flat chested gaal desecrating our holy macawis like that?? :holeup: These...